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The SCX - 60CF is a slim-design short course made almost entirely of carbon fiber. And, of course, it's mid-motor. Thanks to Chris "Speedy Dad" Krieg for a great design of the SCX - 60CF. All the natural advantages of mid-motor show clearly in the SCX - 60CF.

A longer vehicle = greater advantage for mid-motor design, short course is the longest 1/10 R/C class, so the mid-motor advantage is pronounced. Our truck clearly carries more corner speed, is more stable over bumps and ruts, and easier to control in the air.

It's all about physics: reducing the "pendulum effect." When the heavy motor hangs off the back of the truck, going through any corner is a dance on the edge of a cliff waiting for the back end to slide out. Drifting the SsCX - 60CF through long fast sweepers is a breeze because it's so controllable.

In bumpy sections the pendulum acts like a bucking bronco, "kicking" the back end up; that slows you down. With the weight in the center of the truck, the SCX - 60CF can be driven much faster through washboard sections and is more composed on rough out-door tracks. Easier to drive faster.

With X Factory's great 4-Gear transmission the motor has a greater effect on the truck's attitude, so it's easier to get those landings right. Backside the jump perfectly and get on the throttle sooner.

Slim design keeps the truck's weight tight down the center. Simply put, the SCX - 60CF does not wallow around like a pig. Less lean makes it handle much more like a real race car. Combined with the mid-motor advantage, the SCX - 60CF is like cheating!

You'll need a K 026 Conversion Kit and an AE SC-10, any model. Check out the K 026 Instruction Manual. Everything you need, right down to the nuts and washers, is included in the Kit.

The X Factory RC FaceBook page contains action photos and comments. This website is the place to go for videos and podcasts. For local assistance, find your nearest X Factory Dealer, or go directly to our webshop.

SCX - 60CF Setup Sheets

Blank SetUp

Paul Sinclair Outdoor Set-Up
Alex Krieg High-bite Set-Up

Check out all of the SCX set up sheets at Setup Library for more ideas.

If you're struggling with your X Factory ride, one of the quickest ways to get help is ask on a forum board or our FaceBook page.

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