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New 4mm Hardware Now Available
Reduced Bearing Prices and New Metric Sizes


X Factory Diff Balls Now in 14 pack
Dirt-spec Tower for XB2 from X Factory Infinity
X Factory Infinity Shock Towers for 8ight 4.0
X Factory Infinity Parts for X Ray!
X Factory Wins Big at Tenessee Winter Championships
Dakotah Phend wins C.R.C.R.C. Midwinter Championship!


David Constant wins at Amain's Fall Brawl!
New Infinity Rear Tower Stiffener Kit for the TLR 22 3.0!
X Factory Announces Infinity Towers for the B6!
Infinity Carbon Idler Shafts for Kyosho!
New Infinity Carbon Fiber Idler Gear Shafts!
X Factory and Russ Bryant win big at TARCAR!
X Factory Wins Big At THE Series Round 2!
X Factory Finishes 1-2 on Memorial Day!
X Factory Infinity Shocktowers for the D413!
Sinclair, MS Society Win at Benefit Race!
Russ Bryant Doubles Up at THE Series Round 1!
Wishing the Best for Tracy Carver!
Infinity Stickers are here!
Wingbats from X Factory Infinity!
X Factory and Infinity Double Up in Michigan.
Infinity B5m Setups Posted!
X Factory Dominates Tennessee Winterchamps!
X Factory's Infinity Goes 1-2 At Cactus Classic!
Infinity B44 Camber Link Plate Announced!
X Factory goes to Motorama!


SC5m Carbon Fiber Chassis added to Infinity Line!
Infinity Side Stiffeners Here!
Bearings Back in Stock!
Sinclair Wins at Pheasant Runn!
Infinity adds a T5m Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit!
Darren Boyle takes 7th at first round of UK SC Nationals!
Infinity releases Side Stiffeners for CF B5m Chassis!
X Factory SCX-61 Details shown at 2015 Cactus Classic.
Paul Sinclair Dominates Winterchamps!
X Factory Announces New Team Managers!
New Paul's Insights Video! Paul Interviews TLR's JP Richards.
Alex Krieg Dominates Stock Buggy Qualifying at Cactus!
Cravotta 2nd at Motorama!
X Factory Releases 2015 Cubed T-shirt
Justin Driemeier Wins at JConcepts for X Factory
Infinity Offers Losi 8ight Arm Stiffeners


Winners at Spark's Park Turkey Run
X Factory Wins Halloween Race
Infinity Tower Fits Losi 22 Buggy
Bivens Dominates Benefit Race
Paul Sinclair Wins at OEOSS Medina
X Factory Sponsors class in THE Series
X Factory Wins Showdown of the Unbeatables!
Paul & Chazz Record Live Reactions Here
Showdown Opponent Relased
X Factory Prime Time
Freezing Out Competition in Tennessee
X Factory to Appear on Prime Time
X Factory Presents Seminar at Redneck R/C
Paul Sinclair Wins Superbowl Shakedown
Mid-Motor Mafia Coming to Redneck R/C
Chris Proctor Doubles at Freeze Race
A Win at Snowball for X - Factory
Cravotta Takes 2 at Maine Championships
Gould Wins Hangover Race

X Factory's Cravotta Takes ROAR Region 1
X Factory Dominates Gobbler Race
New Economy Wing from X Factory
Metric Fasteners Now From X Factory
X Factory Sweeps Short Course Nationals
X - 6 Cubed Ships to Dealers This Week!
Carbon Fiber Key Chain From X Factory
X Factory Releases X - 6 Cubed Body Photos
Pedersoli Sweeps 13.5 S.C. at SW Indoor Points Challenge
The Cover Comes Off The X - 6 Cubed!
X - Factory Releases Hub Camber Plates
X - Factory Introduces Higher Math
Rich Lowe Joins X Factory For 2013
New C.F. Stadium Truck from X-Factory
X - Factory Cleans House at T.I.S.O.C.

X Factory Success at Winter Blitz
All New X - Factory X � 60CF Dominates Gobbler
New Tire Wash from X - Factory
Crovatta Wins at The Durango NE Indoor Championship!
X - Factory Announces Carbon Fiber Stadium Truck
Stefan Mesker Wins Final BNK Round With X - 6 SQ
Ash Anthony Wins New South Wales Title for X Factory!
Justin Dewey wins X - 6 Squared at Hobby Haven
Fun with the Family at RC Madness
Aliberti TQ's and wins SC Nat'l warm-up
Wouter Wynen Signs With X Factory!
Wouter Wynen Wins Belgian GP!
Ellis Stafford 2nd At Oz with Latest X - 7 Prototype!
SCX-60CF Page - All About the Awesome Truck!
Chris Cristo Wins Race For Cure!

Stefan Mesker Dominates at Bergschenhoek MVB!
SCX-60 CF success at Dallas Short Course Race
Elvo wins in Belgium; X Factory wraps up Championship!
X - 7 Prototype racing at 2011 ROAR Nationals
Bigger and Better Box 'O Bolts
X Factory Announces Battery Strap for the TLR 22!
New E-Speed Motor Plate!
Bill Bridges Benefit Race
X Factory Sweeps 2nd round of Belgium-Dutch Nationals!
Darren Johnston doubles up in New Zealand!
X Factory wins Russian winter National Championship!
Chazz Sinclair is in recovery.
First X - 7 Prototype run at Cactus Classic!
Charles "Chazz" Sinclair Sick Last Few Months.
Sinclair's CRCRC Set-ups now posted
2011 CRCRC Videos now online
2011 CRCRC Mid-Winter Report
AJ Galaxy Bodies Now Available!


X Factory Dominates 2010 Finnish Championship!
New DDP Torx Screw Kits
Kinwald TQ's and Wins at SIGP!
New E-Speed Heatsink and Fan Mount!
X Factory wins big at ROAR Region 8 Champs!
X Factory wins at Florida SuperCup Rd2!
V2 Shock Assembly Insturctions Posted
New Tech Tips Posted: X-6² & X - 60
K021 Entire Car Now Shipping with V2 Shocks!
Brass Flywheel Now Available
X Factory wins at JConcepts NE Championship
Real Men Wear Black Parts Line Released
X Factory Success in Australia
A Main Hobbies joins Dealer Family!
Shootout Picture Galleries Posted
2010 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout Report
OEOSS Round 2 Race Report
X - 6 Sqrd Saddle Pack Chassis Announced
Sucess in the SuperCup Series!
Ellis Stafford Decals
Ohio Series Round 1 Race Report
BK's SCX-60 Gallery Posted
X-6² wins Finnish Winter Championships!
New X-6² Tech Tips
Best Prices on Bearings!
Weekend Racing Success
K021's Available Online Now!
X - 6² Chassis Detail Gallery
K021 X - 6 Squared Entire Car Shipping!
BK's X - 6 Squared @ the Cactus
K021 Instruction Manual Posted!
Cactus Classic Picture Gallery
Coverage of the Cactus Classic
Parts for the K021 & Assembly Video Posted
K021 X - 6 Squared Entire Car Announced!

2009 JConcepts Clash
X Factory Box 'O Bolts Released!
X Factory coverage of the 2009 Southwest Indoor Gran Prix
Ludovic Valtier Wins French Cup with X - 6 Squared!
X Factory Trailing Axles for the X - 6 and B4
New X - 6 Squared Plastic Chassis
Tom Cockerill Dominates 2wd at RobinHood Raceway; Ellis Stafford Wins Consecutive BRCA Title! [Note: External Link]
X Factory Wins Finnish Championship!
DDP Motor Plates are Here!
Welcome to the New XFactoryRC.com!
Stefan Mesker Wins Round 4 of the BNK Bergschenhoek
Domination of BRCA Round 3 at Eden Park! [Note: External Link]
Oswestry A Mains video!
Dirt's Dialed Shim Kits
X Factory Weekend Success
Dan Griffin Dominates Lake Erie Shootout
2nd Round of Belgian/Dutch Championship
Winter Series at Washtenaw Raceway in MI
X Factory Releases "Quick Change" Battery Kit
X-6 Squared In Action
X-6 Squared Is Here!
X-6 Squared Shipping Now!
Close-Up of New X-6 Squared Chassis!
Petit Race: X-6 Squared Debut
Pictures of the X-6 Squared with New Body
X-6 Squared Debuts in U.S. and U.K.
Alberto Garcia wins at CRAEM in Madrid, Spain
X-60 For Sale Now!
X Team does well at Clash
X-60 Delayed
First X-60 Pictures with Prototype Body
French Championship Decided
X Factory Announces New Spanish Stockist
X Factory Team Drivers Successful With 'Production' X-60 Trucks
Phil Sleigh Signs With X Factory!
All New X-60 Conversion Ready for Prototyping
D.M.S. Racing Appointed UK Distributor for all X Factory Products
2008 Russian Championship
2008 German Championship
Preliminary Release Date for All-New X-60 Conversion
Ryan Cavalieri Continues Buggy & Truck Domination!
2008 All-Japan Championship
Golden Oldie Returns
First Pictures from Shootout
Importer Appointed For Japan
CNC Machined Pulleys Now Standard In X-5 Squared Conversion Kits!
Ytabe Arena International GP Results
Alexander Valente Joins X Factory!
Hupo Honigl Drives X-6